Meet Hannah Jones!

After a great experience on the reality television competition, “America’s Next Top Model”, “Hippie Hannah” is taking on television hosting in 2013 with a New Age twist.

Currently, she is in the development stages of several projects that will materialize in 2013, including a web series that follows trending lifestyles and provides an entertaining way to get your daily dose of what’s happening now. Her goal is to be a spokesmodel for sustainable lifestyles, inspiring others to live their best through health conscious food and fitness.

After working with Equinox Fitness Club and modeling for the past couple of years, she’s got a plethora of effective tricks to make healthy food yummy and working out fun and effective. She is an all natural, green advocate, hence the nickname “Hippie” Hannah, first given to her by Tyra Banks when she participated on the reality television show America’s Next Top Model in 2011. Since then, the name has become her anthem and she is proud to represent the new wave of New Age “hippies”, promoting global awareness and sustainable lifestyle habits through food, fitness, and the arts.

This ambitious young woman’s creative collaborations have already reached around the globe. She has worked with companies based out of Australia, Europe, Asia, New York, LA and of course her initial stomping grounds of Texas. Her clients include MAC Cosmetics, SwayChic, Pitaya, JCPenny’s, Neiman Marcus Last Call, Alberta Ferettie, Tootsies, the list goes on!

Hannah aspires to emulate the likes of Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe and Heidi Klum. “These women are influential in the entertainment world not only for their talent as performers, but also as business savvy spokesmodels. I love Lucy first and foremost for her groundbreaking audacity in the television world as a leading lady who wasn’t ever afraid to laugh at herself. All three women radiate self-confidence, blind ambition and inspire others to love their own physical and mental power.” Her goal in the entertainment world is quite similar.

Hannah’s mother, Kathryn Jost, has always been the most positive influence in her life especially food and fitness. “Kathryn is an amazing cook, but her niche lies in raw recipes. She is the one who taught me the majority of what I know about nutrition and helped me to decode food into simple equations”, says Hannah. “We believe that food is medicinal, and can be used to heal and strengthen the body.” Known around Houston for her own endeavors in sustainable living and healthy lifestyle, Hannah’s mother has often been showcased in local fitness magazines as a health guru. Her father, Charlie Jones AKA PapparazziChaz, has not only been her personal photographer, documenting every moment of her life, but also her most trusted and beloved hair stylist. Hannah grew up sweeping hair in his salon and entertaining customers as her father made each and every one them feel special. “His art form is bringing out the best in people. Clients at Charlie’s Hair Productions sit in his chair feeling so-so and leave transformed into fabulous versions of themselves”. At her father’s salon, she picked up the skills of engaging people while helping them to reveal and showcase their best attributes.

“’Some say that I’m a dreamer’ and ‘all you need is love’ are lyrics I live by,” Hannah says. “To believe in your dreams is to manifest them in the physical world. I look towards nature and the metaphysical power of the universe for inspiration and motivation. Once you set your mind to something, it can be accomplished. We are all alchemists for unlimited possibilities of creation”.

Hannah strives to be a world wide influence of sustainable lifestyle and an advocate for everyone’s unique artistic expression. Her passion is inspiring others to pursue their own dreams with the knowledge that they can achieve any goal no matter the size. She plans to teach individuals how to cultivate miracles within themselves. Look for her work promoting healthy habits and lifestyles with the arts and entertainment industry as she leads the way in New Age thinking.

-Taylor Kent

Model: Hannah Jones – Industry, LA Models, America’s Next Top Model
Photographer: Taylor Kent
Styled by: Lexington Matix
Hair/MakeUp: Meagan Schmitz
Photo Assistant: Nicholas Weber

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