Designer Spotlight – Love Letters Lingerie

Love Letters Lingerie – Fine Luxury Lingerie.

Behind the luxury lingerie label Love Letters Lingerie are husband and wife designers Catrina & Hollis Hall. Their lingerie label is designed from fusing elements of structure and femininity to form a new modern aesthetic.

Lingerie is the first thing you put on in the morning, something intimate… something mysterious and secret.

“Because we are a man and women designing together you get a nice balance of the rough/strict side with a soft/feminine side. A fine mix of both worlds.”

Love Letters Lingerie is crafted by hand in the United States and are based out of Tacoma, WA.



Designer Spotlight – Blue Luna

Blue Luna – Contemporary Fashions off runways of Paris, Milan & Barcelona

Blue Luna offers Avant-garde European styles off the runways of Paris, Milan & Barcelona. In June 2012 Blue Luna was recognized as the Best Boutique of the Eastside and also was named Best Boutique in 2012 Haute Picks presented by the Bellevue Downtown Association in April of 2012.

Perhaps the best part about Blue Luna is its balance between high quality fashion and affordability! Making exclusive European designs well within budget. For every woman who chooses to be different, who refuses to sacrifice comfort for style, who believes that fashion is the art of life for expressing your true self, there is Blue Luna.


Halloween Fashion Party

Join Blue Luna Wednesday, October 30th 6pm – 9pm for a fun Halloween themed party night. They will be serving “bloody” drinks to those who love spine-chilling sips; scary-good Halloween snacks and play songs so good they will raise the dead!

Feel free to dress up in your favorite Halloween costume!! 2 best costumes voted by the guests will get $50 Gift Card each. Don’t miss such a fun event! Eat, drink and be scary!

Location: The Haunted Blue Luna Mansion
Admission: Get your costume ready for a Spooktacular Night!

Blue Luna

127 Lake Street South
Kirkland, WA 98033
United States

Designer Spotlight – Gian DeCaro Sartoria

Gian DeCaro Sartoria, Tailors & Shirtmakers

Seattle’s Gian DeCaro is one of a new breed of bespoke tailor/designers whose savvy makes fashion waves far beyond the Pacific Northwest. Gian DeCaro Sartoria is more than a specialty shop offering custom tailoring; more than a traditional tailor’s shop offering accessories. It’s custom; it’s couture; and it’s the finest fashion accoutrements – it is, in the truest sense of the word a bespoke tailors and haberdashery of world-wide renown.

What sets DeCaro apart from other tailors is his exquisite styling (a touch Milanese, un po Fiorentino, a smidgen of Napoli, with a bit of Cary Grant and Desi Arnaz thrown in for good measure).

Gian DeCaro Sartoria is first and foremost a bespoke tailors & shirtmakers, as well as a full-service men’s shop in the tradition of the great haberdashers of a bygone era.

A bespoke suit from Gian DeCaro is an experience like no other. All suit coats start with a paper pattern made just for you, based on your measurements and individual physical form. All suit coats are hand-cut, hand-made, and hand picked on the edges, just for starters. Styling of course, is limitless. Our selection of linings is unparalleled.

This much love goes not only goes into suit making but into all the garments including Sport Jackets, Trousers, Mens Shirts, Womens Shirts, Formalwear, Accessories, and Ready Made Clothing.

There’s always something new and special to be found at Gian DeCaro, so stop in often, just to see what they have unearthed in their market travels.

Designer Spotlight – YANE MODE

YANE MODE – Portland Vintage Chic!

Portland has a special meaning to YANE MODE as they share the same love and values of Vintage, Sustainability, as well as giving back and living a tasteful lifestyle. YANE MODE is an Anti-Fur designer brand for charity, the brand has supporting animal welfare and eco friendly global awareness though fashion shows and publication, the brand is welcome to sponsor and to raise donation for charity by participating celebrity charity shows and exhibitions projects related to global issues!

Portland has also influenced the brand’s character of it’s ever lasting color classics such as Red, Black and Grey as the brand’s signature color where you can be seen everywhere in the Pearl Distract and other industrial areas around Portland. We LOVE Portland, Oregon and we are glad that the city has been rewarded as the greenest city in US! YANE MODE is all about the way you walk and flow in this vintage town where new and classic remain.

Designer Spotlight – Trybe


Trybe is all about an effortless, American made beauty. It’s soft, flattering, classically beautiful and feminine clothing made accessible to own and sumptuous to wear. The palette is gorgeous neutral and muted colors that reflect the seasons. Find your path, take a chance, reveal yourself, love and be loved by your Trybe.

The label was conceived and designed by Molly Kircher and Rebecca Clark (former designer for Vera Wang) and is 100% made in the USA.

Designer Spotlight – Johnny Was


Eli Levite’s innovative brainchild strikes a visual balance between change and tradition, modern and vintage, unrestrained and reserved.

The lure of Johnny Was is defined by the juxtaposition of beautifully crafted, luxurious, flowing clothing and gorgeous accessories with the rough edges of the store’s handcrafted, industrial eclecticism.

After 23 successful years as an L.A.-based wholesale manufacturer, Levite intentionally welcomes a broad customer base by including six divisions which are embraced by the modern gypsy. The Johnny Was Collection offers the ultimate boho chic, while JWLA represents the quintessential California surfer chic. The Biya Collection offers timeless, eclectic and stylish silhouettes that are bold and distinctive. Pete & Greta brings lifestyle basics with an edge, while 4 Love and Liberty caters to the fashion-forward sophisticate. 3J Workshop feminizes the traditional menswear shirt with fine workmanship & fit.

Clearly, great music adds to the mix at Johnny Was. And music filled the Levites’ house as Eli Levite was developing and conceptualizing his fashion business back in the late ’80s. In those moments – while his kids played and replayed the infectious Bob Marley refrain, “Johnny was a good man…” – Levite’s first vintage-inspired collection was conceived as …Johnny Was.

Designer Spotlight – Sofia Retro Bazar


For the tender, early-morning romanticism & the clear-dark duality of every woman.

Two brilliant collections wrapped into one: Sofia Retro Bazar/Plexy Couture and Sofia Retro Bazar/Renewall!

Both collections influence each other between modernity and past. At the base of this thought there is reuse, eco-sustainability and craftsmanship. Using materials that contribute to environmental protection and items are made in Italy, real and controlled! Handmade manufacturing of all collections!

In the Plexy Couture collection they reclaimed an old odd lot of the 70’ s and 80’s and brought the limited edition jewels into life, between fashion and design, nature and geometry with liberty-deco inspirations and rock-chic influences, for a woman with a refined taste but always eco-sustainability conscious.

In the Sofia Retro Bazar Renewall collection, great focus goes into handmade, cheerful and romantic beachwear and underwear for a girl who takes care of every detail in her look.

A real renewal in lines and in materials. This mood comes out from the need to discover both the female body and the exclusive textiles with a non-globalization taste.

Selecting vintage foulards of 60’s and 70’s. They are all original, characteristic, exclusive and made in Italy, made by precious materials like silk and organdie and after overcoming a careful quality control they renovate themselves becoming a beachwear and an underwear strictly handmade for a woman who breaks with rules and who, instead of a super slim and invisible underwear, prefers a chic one but comfortable without forgetting her attention to the environmental protection, thanks to the use of precious materials which were designed to waste.

Designer Spotlight – LEILA HAFZI


LEILA HAFZI, came to in Stavanger, Norway in 1997. On the scene of high-end fashion, a new voice was born and the ethical- and Eco-conscious trade found a future leading lady! Her designs explore cultures and environments, and has helped contribute and inspired the fashion industry to think globally.

Leila Hafzi designs is known for their high-end ethical & eco conscious fashion brand. Romantic, feminine and bohemian look combined with a brilliant fusion of themes from different cultures and inspiration from Norway, Persia, Greece and Nepal. An innovative signature of flattering shapes, graceful and luxurious fabrics is the brands essence of simplicity & elegance.

The trans-cultural collaboration of the LEILA HAFZI-team makes the impossible possible in the hazy and mostly chaotic production site of Kathmandu – where fashion business and developing work goes hand in hand. Focusing on empowerment of women and ethical and eco conscious production from a developing country.

The design- and production company, Nepal Productions AS, was established in 2005 in 2012 JUST was established and run the Lisence of LEILA HAFZI. And is a proud member of The Ethical Trading Initiative – Norway, (IEH); a multi stakeholder initiative involving companies, employers, organizations, trade unions and NGOs. IEH’s activities are based on the acknowledgement that companies have a responsibility towards human rights (including internationally accepted labor rights) in their supply chain.

Over the years, Leila Hafzi has received national awards by several occasions – in 2007 and 2011 she was appointed ”Designer of the Year” by KK and Costume Awards, the Environmental price of the decade by OFW and the “Fashion for a Cause” price of 2011.

LEILA HAFZI is very well positioned in many exclusive boutiques side by side of the most famous brands in the international fashion industry and worn by a variety of celebrities world wide.